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(Barristers, Solicitors & Notaries Public)

We are one of the most respected corporate and litigation law firms in Nigeria and Africa. Our professional recognition derives from the quality, versatility and experience of our legal team. For instance, in Nigeria, our firm pioneered the design of customized legal packages in a bid to offer our numerous clients individuality of satisfaction as opposed to the general legal and consultancy services conventionally available.

Mission Statement

To render valuable legal services and better the lot of humanity through the instrumentality of the law.

We strongly adhere to professional and business ethics and leverage our rare professional know how as well as deep understanding of the business and social dynamics, to help our clients attain their business and social needs while minimizing legal cost and meeting their compliance responsibilities.

Vision Statement

To become one of the greatest law firms in the world through exceptional professionalism and quality service delivery.

Our passionate commitment to a unique professional credo is underscored by our strong ability to deliver quality and excellent legal services to our teeming clients.

Our Values

We value Professionalism, Quality Service, Transparency, Diligence, Respect for Mutual Agreement, Teamwork, Positive Result, Creativity, etc.


We boast of well-equipped and up-to-date state-of-the-art Information and Communications Technology (ICT) facilities which facilitate our local and international operations. Our proven methodology and framework for managing and integrating legal solutions and track record of success give us a competitive edge. Our professional strategy is proactive while our services exceed the usual approach of conventionaland often reactionary legal services. We have consistently delivered various consulting and legal services to individuals, governments and private organisations.